We offer corporate rental housing. Not all of your employees considering corporate relocation will want to purchase a home in their new city. In some cases, renting may be the best choice.

We deliver a customized rental experience to reduce expenses, save time and ensure employee satisfaction with rental assistance through National Corporate Housing and National Rental Solutions.

Reasons to rent:


  • Difficulty or unwillingness to sell current home (Monaco Moves can help)
  • Inability to qualify for a home loan at the new destination
  • Temporary relocations and indefinite job assignments

Rental Assistance and Temporary Housing.


We offer fully furnished, short-term rental properties

Flat-Rate Fees

No Surprises

Monaco Moves will provide you with a free in-home consultation to determine your exact, unique needs. Not only will we find out exactly what those needs are, but we will work within your budget. Once we determine your requirements, we will provide you with one flat-rate single price quote so you will not have to worry about being able to afford additional charges, or any unwelcome financial surprises.

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