Looking to move area? Have you been relocated for work? Are you moving to South Florida from another state or another country? Whether you are a corporation or an individual, we can offer you global services to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Enjoy the benefits of your move and all of the opportunities it has created rather than letting the process stop it in its tracks.

Relocations usually happen rapidly. There is a lot to consider when moving permanently or semi-permanently to somewhere brand new or over long distances.

We can advise throughout the decision-making process, both before the move, during, and while you are settling in. We can help businesses or individuals and draw from a wealth of experience across several industry sectors.

Backed By The People You Trust.


Realtors, attorneys, care facilities, and communities alike recommend Monaco Moves. Dale herself is a licensed realtor, and isn’t just limited to helping you move. Dale can arrange liquidation of belongings, selling a home, maintenance, and most other aspects that go along with it

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Flat-Rate Fees

No Surprises

Monaco Moves will provide you with a free in-home consultation to determine your exact, unique needs. Not only will we find out exactly what those needs are, but we will work within your budget. Once we determine your requirements, we will provide you with one flat-rate single price quote so you will not have to worry about being able to afford additional charges, or any unwelcome financial surprises.

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