When it comes to a senior relocation, or even a corporate relocation, downsizing is a dreaded, but essential step for everyone.

There are a couple of reasons why downsizing is anxiety-driven. The first reason is change. Downsizing means inevitable change. Humans by nature are creatures of habit, so any change, even if it is for the best, is hard to welcome. The other reason that downsizing is anxiety driven is because the person(s) downsizing MUST part with belongings and maybe they aren’t ready to part with them yet.

So, imagine an anxiety driven downsizing process after maybe 30 plus years in a familiar, comfortable environment and routine. Downsizing can turn even the happiest of people into strangers.

Why Downsizing is Essential

Specifically, for seniors, the downsizing process is essential. One reason why seniors need to relocate is because they cannot handle the life they one knew. This has caused additional stress and could be contributing to diminishing health. This includes maintaining it. Therefore, eliminating space, maintenance, and belongings is eliminating unneeded stressors.

Letting go is healthy. Consider hoarders. A person who hoards is not a bad person. A person who hoards is not a lazy person. A person who hoards has a disability that happens to be mental, and that is a fear of letting go. Some triggers could be the death or loss of a loved one, and this tragedy triggers something in their brain. Someone who hoards has a very personal attachment to belongings because these belongings symbolize that point in their life, or that person in their life at the happiest and best times. To someone who hoards, throwing or even giving away belongings is like throwing away that time or loved one. Even the most worthless belonging to us, may mean something significant to someone who hoards. To someone who hoards, these belongings have taken on a personality, and in a way live in place of the loss or tragedy or any other trigger. The way to help a hoarder is by teaching them that letting go of ‘things’ doesn’t mean they are letting go of that happy time in their life, or their late loved one.

So, in understanding that letting go is healthy, it is important to support the downsizing step and process in any relocation, especially a senior relocation. But, leaving up to them may not be possible.

Downsizing and the Solution

According to NASMM https://www.nasmm.org/ the solution to downsizing is to leave it to the professionals, Like Monaco Moves. Monaco Moves specializes in all of the issues that come with downsizing. This includes selling and donating items, packing, hiring a moving company, and unpacking. Monaco Moves can also help with organization, trash disposal and cleaning. They also deal with sending keepsakes to family members who may be far away. Monaco Moves can even handle the stopping and starting of all of your utilities or HOA’s.

Contact Monaco Moves today for an in-home consultation. We pledge to provide you with a sensitive and caring experience, and we will provide you an a all-inclusive, flat rate quote.