In a past article, I discuss what is known as Transitional Trauma. Today I will further discuss the effects of a long distance or global relocation and what that can mean for you, and/or your company.

Corporate Relocation

With globalization continuing to grow rapidly in the corporate world, corporate relocations are quite common now. Internal company promotions may require a team member to move from, say, the UK or China to the USA for a period to run projects, new divisions or manage clients. These types of relocations can be semi-permanent or permanent depending on the circumstances, but the bottom line is that relocation will require a rapid, long distance move, with often little to no time to prepare, all while continuing your daily career responsibilities, and balancing your personal life as well.

Imagine moving halfway around the world knowing nothing about the local culture, environment, demographics, cost of living, laws, requirements or much else of the reality of day-to-day living in your new environment. It can be an anxiety-driven and stressful process. Whether you must relocate just yourself, or you and your family, it is a big step with all that entails from such a momentous decision.

Settling In Services

The results of the process can cause transitional trauma. Maybe you may never settle in and become so homesick you decide to move back. This could result in a demotion or even losing your job. In these cases, sometimes the anxiety of never settling in outweighs the benefit of a career.  It is sobering to realize that in 2013 more than 40% of managers who were relocated abroad failed due to the lack of support and never settling in to the environment.

Many corporations now days contract and partner with companies like Monaco Moves to help eliminate this risk. We offer corporate, white glove, settling in services globally that include everything from transportation to local real estate agents to setting up visa, embassy and document appointments, lists and reminders. We can help you with real, local demographics including safety, education and local school systems, even recommended places to shop. Monaco Moves can also help you organize local clubs, networking groups and foundations that would benefit you, and help you settle in to the local culture and meet the people you will most feel comfortable with. Or, if you are a corporation that doesn’t already offer these services to your employees, you may want to consider a consultation with us to help decrease your turnovers and executive failures. Turnover of your most valued team members, especially after a global relocation can become extremely costly.

Whether you are an individual looking to recommend Monaco Moves to your company, or a company looking to add this service for their employees, we would love to talk with you about your upcoming relocation and how our settling in service can help you. We can smooth the process considerably and give your relocation the best chance to succeed. Contact us today for a consultation.