Dale Monaco maintains a diversified skill set in today’s fast paced real estate market, yet is able to pay individual attention to sellers, buyers, renters and anyone relocating. Dale strives for a superior level of service and consistent customer satisfaction. She can quickly identify client needs with a can-do attitude, and can expedite any deal with the highest attention to detail.

Dale’s goal is to empower clients so they feel confident to make informed decisions, be it in real estate projects or while helping with relocation needs. Working with Dale, you will receive a sensitive, knowledgeable and professional moving consultant, committed to managing all aspects of your relocation. You can expect concierge service, always personalized and timely.

Dale Monaco

CEO and Founder

Lump SUM

Full Relocation Services

Whether you are handling your move on your own, or your employer an employer transferring team member. Transferring your family or your employee is a breeze with our packages based on your lump sum.


Transition with care

We don’t just handle the logistics of your loved ones’ relocation, we take the burden from you and your family, while guaranteeing a sensitive, caring transition along the way. Monaco Moves is a company with compassion, and attention to detail.

Our Client


“Dale Monaco recognizes that there is a demand for a personalized service and support to older adults and their families as they face a need to downsize and relocate. Dale has extensive knowledge in Senior Move Management as well as assisting working professionals and families with their transitional needs, both in and out of state.”

Michelle C.

Trust Our


Have you been relocated for work? Are you moving to South Florida from another state or another country? Whether you are a corporation or an individual, we can offer you global services to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Enjoy the benefits of your move and all of the opportunities it has created rather than letting the process stop it in its tracks. Read on to find out about our services.

Monaco Moves can help minimize this risk by doing everything we can to mitigate the issues that might prejudice a successful move. With us as your partner relocation need not be an arduous process, we can help make it the enriching life experience you wanted in the first place, or empower your company to ease the transition for your employees.

We offer a broad and flexible portfolio of services, which can be configured and combined to find your ideal solution.

Flat-Rate Fees

No Surprises

Monaco Moves will provide you with a free in-home consultation to determine your exact, unique needs. Not only will we find out exactly what those needs are, but we will work within your budget. Once we determine your requirements, we will provide you with one flat-rate single price quote so you will not have to worry about being able to afford additional charges, or any unwelcome financial surprises.

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